Flud x Grandmaster Flash TableTurn

Flud and Grandmaster Flash have released TableTurn. Perfect for those who have a passion for turntables and DJ-ing, the 48mm x 40mm watch is designed with the logo of the crafts leading pioneer, retailing at $90. This limited edition run of 100 units globally, is available in silver, with a silver band and comes packaged in a Grandmaster Flash flight case, exclusively at

Flud is honored to team up with the legendary DJ Grandmaster Flash to bring you a limited edition version of the TableTurn.



Who would be more appropriate to collaborate on the TableTurn other then the man who put the turn tables on the map? Grandmaster Flash was not only a leader of a new school, but a new era in American music. The Bronx native’s fascination with his father’s extensive record collection helped him develop into a pioneering DJ and one of the most important figures in Hip Hop history. By creating new music out of an extensive base of existing records, Grandmaster Flash provided the rap genre a musical foundation to build upon. His invention and popularization of various mixing and scratching techniques, such as sampling, solidifies his legacy as a Hip Hop Icon.

“I’ve been married to the turntables for more than 4 decades. Now I do it with time” .   ~ Grandmaster Flash