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Important Notice!

Some of you may have seen advance promotion for or heard about a 2015 “Sugar Hill Reunion Tour.”  The advance promotional materials include the following statement:


The promotional materials suggest that I will be appearing as part of the tour.  Please be advised - That is not the case.  I have nothing to do with the tour and am not appearing on the tour.  I have not given permission for anyone associated with the tour to use my name/registered trademark “Grandmaster Flash.”  In fact, I have advised the tour promoters not to use my name or give the false impression that I will be appearing on the tour.

If you book or attend the tour show and are disappointed that I did not appear, I apologize in advance.  You may book Grandmaster Flash by contacting Mark Green at  and you may view my upcoming tour schedule by clicking on “Tour Dates” on

Thank you,
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